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Powerful and stylish hair tools for long-term professional use

With Proxelli’s professional electrical tools, you can style any hair in an instant. Whether you work with our ergonomic hairdryers, hair clippers with adjustable cutting lengths or hair straighteners with a curl function: all tools have been designed down to the smallest detail, and tested by professional hairdressers & barbers.

Proxelli offers the perfect balance between professionalism and elegance. Powerful, efficient motors are effortlessly combined with a light-weight design to make working with these tools easy all day long. Each design always focuses on the specific needs of the professional hairdresser. The extra long cords and sound-absorbing technology offer the creative freedom and comfort for outstanding results.


Proxelli Hairdryer (392px 400px)Proxelli hairdryers are Italian made hair dryers, well known for their durability and performance. Their AC professional high-performance motors provide powerful air velocity for faster drying, with an instant cold shot button to Phelp set the style in place for a longer lasting blow dry.

A 3m long cord allows freedom of movement and the ergonomic handle feels comfortable in your hand, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Front position buttons (except Mila & Demi) allows right and left hand use for all hairdressers. Coming with nozzles of different width, Proxelli dryers concentrate air flow for more targeted drying, giving a polished and smooth result.

Proxelli Straightener (392px 400px)Say goodbye to waiting for your straighteners to heat up. Proxelli straighteners have a quick heat-up time, essential for not losing time with clients. With variable temperature settings you can set the temperature for different hair types, ensuring better hair health. A 3m long cord on the straightener allows freedom of movement around your client.

The ceramic plates are great for smoothing the hair and reducing frizz due to ceramic retaining heat very well. This encourages even heat distribution and provides protection against hotspots and therefore hair damage. The rounded barrels on the straighteners are ideal for curling as well as straightening.

Proxelli Clipper (392px 400px)


With cordless and cord-use options, your new Proxelli clipper or trimmer allows for non-stop use. Ceramic moveable blades allow the blades to stay cooler for longer, whilst also allowing for a smoother and faster cut. A powerful motor with high RPM (up to 5000) makes the device durable and strong at a professional level helping to cut through even bulky hair, allowing you to give a professional cut every time. Proxelli clippers and trimmers have up to 5 hours operating time when cordless, a must for professional use, so you can fit more clients into the day.



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