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We recycle the unrecyclable

GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE is a start-up of industry experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners on a mission towards hairdressing sustainability. Our goal is to be able to collect as close to 100% of all salon waste as physically possible and to then find new uses for it that reward the salon, the environment and the community. 

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  • HAIR - We collect hair to make hair booms or hair mats that can be used to soak up oil spills from rivers, seas, parks or gardens. We can even use it in composting for local community gardens.
  • METALS - We collect all metals including used dirty foil, colour tubes, hairspray cans, styling products and even your drink cans. Currently only 1% of foil used in UK hair salons gets recycled. Yet a single piece of foil can be recycled forever.
  • COST NEUTRAL - Salons pay a one-off registration fee, after that you buy a returns box for recycling hair or metal. Once the box is full Green Salon Collective collect the box from you. To make recycling cost neutral in your salon, we recommend charging a 50p or £1.00 ‘green fee’ to your clients.
  • PROFITS - Green Salon Collective and Salon Success will donate any profits from recycling to industry, environmental and community groups as well as planting trees.

Salon Success is excited to partner with Green Salon Collective, creating a more sustainable future for our industry. Use our exclusive code SSRECYCLE to save 15% on the registration fee.

For more information or to place an order call our friendly Club Services Team on

0800 458 4565