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revolutionise the way you colour hair

 Color Secret Family 620X400

With hair colour trends changing more often than the line-up of X Factor judges, your chemically addicted guests can end up with lacklustre looking locks. Color Secret is a 2-step hair strengthening process that reinforces bonds during the colour/bleaching process, leaving your guests hair up to four times stronger.


• Clinically Proven formula already established in the marketplace
• Naturally derived and approved ingredients
• No need to adjust colour formulation
• Low investment for salons and low application cost per guest
• Additional colour service revenue.

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Products in the Color Secret range

Step 1


  • Bondphlex reacts with one of the components of the broken disulphide bonds during the chemical process
  • This reaction forms a cohesive bond with the other component therefore strengthening the hair internally
  • Add 3ml of Bondphlex to your bowl of colour, process as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2


  • Hairphlex re-enforces the integrity of Bondphlex, sealing the hairs surface damage and further enhancing the stregnth of the additive
  • Add 7.5ml after rinsing the guests' colour, combing from root to tips
  • Rinse before styling.

Single Use


Also available is a single use sachet.

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